Morning Seder and Shiur- Iyyun: Morning Seder will be devoted to learning Gemara in depth. Under the guidance of their teachers, and along with a Chavruta or  small group, students will work to develop the skills to independently approach the text of the Gemara and commentaries, with special emphasis on asking critical questions about the text of the Gemara, and the ideas being presented. Students in Yeshivat Amit will be encouraged to use all tools at their disposal to fully understand the Talmudic text and concepts: Commentaries of Rishonim and Acharonim, complemented by modern academic and philosophical approaches, as well as personal analysis, intuition and reflection.

Afternoon Seder-Seder Sinai: Students will study Bekiut- to gain broader mastery of the Masechet being studied in the Yeshiva.


The Tanach program will consist of classes that study specific books in depth, as well as classes geared towards helping students develop broader familiarity with Nach, specifically those portions that pertain to the history of Klal Yisrael.  
English classes will be geared towards giving students the background necessary to participate in the advanced Hebrew language classes.

Jewish Philosophy

The goal of the Jewish Philosophy curriculum is twofold:
1. To gain familiarity with great ideas and thinkers, and to understand their contemporary relevance
2. To explore meaningful questions and topics
Introductory classes include:

  • Great Thinkers and Ideas
  • Introduction to the thought of Rav Kook
  • Introduction to Chassidut
  • Overview of Religious Zionist Thought

Overseas students will also be able to participate in the courses offered in Hebrew to all students in the Yeshiva including classes in Kuzari, Rambam, Maharal, Rav Kook and Contemporary Issues